Work Rehabilitation

Physical Reality has a very strong focus on early intervention and a safe and durable return to work.

With over 10 years experience within the NSW Workers Compensation and CTP systems as a private practitioner and as a contractor to rehabilitation providers, Physical Reality can help you achieve your return to work goals.

Physical Reality incorporates evidence based activity programs with a cognitive behavioural approach, for the management of simple musculoskeletal injuries, improving return to work rates and preventing long term disability and chronic pain. Physical Reality also has experience dealing with Red and Yellow flag injury states and has a network of Primary and Allied Health Professionals to assist with the management and ongoing disability.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

The NSW Compulsory Third Party (CTP) motor vehicle accident scheme provides compensation for people injured in motor vehicle accidents. You must have a referral in order for Physical Reality to bill services directly to the CTP insurer. You will receive an initial consultation, following this Physical Reality will send a treatment plan to your CTP insurer for approval prior to further treatment commencing (you may wish to start treatment and seek re-imbursement once your claim is approved)


Sports Injuries

Muscle sprain and strains are a common yet unwanted aspect of sports participation.

With a depth of experience in sub-acute and chronic injuries, Physical Realities allied health professionals will be able to assist you back to your chosen sports or will be able to refer you to an appropriate allied health professional if needed.

Injury Prevention/Rehab

Typically the benefits of staying active far outweigh the risks involved. Physically Reality practitioners aim to give safe, effective, lifestyle and age appropriate exercises to reduce the risks of injuries. We can assist with an individually tailored exercise program, correct posture and muscle recruitment patterns to keep you enjoying pain free activities in your daily life.


Chronic Disease Management

Patients with chronic conditions and complex needs can be referred to Physical Reality under Medicare.

Your GP must prepare a GP Management Plan (Item 721) and Team Care Arrangement (Item 723) and discuss with you the care plan, your needs, the services to be provided and the expected outcomes. Your Doctor may provide you with a copy of the care plan to ensure that you agree and have the opportunity to provide input into the Care Plan and its aims. The GP can also discuss, by two way communication (face-to-face, phone, fax, email etc), the services and treatments to be provided. Physical Reality will provide a short report to your Doctor following the first and the final consultation. Additional reports may be prepared if clinically necessary. The patient should be advised that while Medicare may pay some of the costs of services the patient may still have to pay some money as well - it is essential that the patient discuss this with the AHP before services are provided. When Medicare has processed item numbers 721 and 723 from your Doctor, the patient is eligible for up to five allied health consultations per calendar year under the Medicare Chronic Disease Management items. A rebate from Medicare of $52.95 (current until Nov 2014) is available from Medicare.

Diabetes Management

Medicare Allied Health Group Services for Type II Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes can receive Medicare rebates for group services provided by Physical Reality, on referral from a GP. To be eligible for this group (between 2 and 12 persons) education program, a patient must:

  • Have type 2 diabetes.
  • Have a relevant care plan in place; and
  • Be referred by their GP for an assessment to determine suitability for the group based program.

Diabetes group services are in addition to the five individual allied health services available per year to eligible patients.

Department of Veterans Affairs

A referral from your GP is required for members of the veteran community to attend an accredited exercise physiologist. Your GP can use a special referral form (D904) stating the medical condition you are to be treated for and your DVA member number. A referral is valid for 12 months from the date of referral, unless the referring provider has indicated on the referral that treatment is required for a chronic condition and that the referral is an open-ended/ongoing referral.

Consultation lengths are 30 minutes and billed directly to DVA. Treatment for Repatriation. White Card holders must be related to an accepted disability for DVA to accept financial responsibility for the treatment. Eligibility and approval from DVA must be established prior to commencement of treatment.


Massage Therapy

As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who also uses soft tissue techniques when needed (having completed a Diploma of Massage Therapy in 1996), you will be sure you are getting a highly qualified remedial massage treatment. However your treatment does not end on the massage table, you WILL be given stretches and exercises to speed up your recovery and reduce the chance of re-injury. If your condition needs urgent attention, Physical Reality refers regularly to practitioners in Surry Hills, Gymea and Cronulla when unable to fit you in at our clinic locations.

Remedial Massage

Physical Reality specialises in injury prevention and rehabilitation. Whether you are in need of a treatment from posture related soreness of recovering from an injury or surgery a remedial massage treatment will assist.

Sports Massage

Physical Reality practitioners can provide pre and post event sports massage and will individually tailor treatment specific for your work, sports or lifestyle related injuries.


Personal Health Improvement

Australia has an ageing population with growing health care needs. About 40% of Australians have at least one of the following chronic conditions: arthritis; cardiovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Whatever your health and fitness goal, Physical Reality can tailor an individual program to improve your function through exercise, get you back on track and assist with managing your chronic disease(s).

Pilates Based Program

Floor based Pilates exercises can be incorporated into your injury rehabilitation or injury prevention program. Group based mat-work classes are also available at Cronulla, please email us for our current timetable. Physical Reality is able to refer to selected Pilates studio for equipment based classes.