An Exercise Physiologist

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) works with you to achieve your health, fitness and rehabilitation goals through an individualized program. AEP’s are not ‘personal trainers’. They are highly trained allied health professionals who specialise in Physical Activity and Exercise Prescription for special populations.

An AEP can assist in creating and managing programs that increase and maintain physical fitness and performance. They also manage acute and chronic injuries and assist in returning individuals to pre-injury condition where possible.

Exercise and rehabilitation programs can involve pilates exercises, gym programs, swimming, home based exercises and walking. Any activity that increases heart rate and that is enjoyable can also be considered as part of your individually tailored program.

An AEP can also assist with:

  • Appropriate progression of exercise programs.
  • Information on weight management strategies.
  • Advise on stretching exercises, posture and manual handling.
  • Unique strategies to incorporate physical activity into an already busy work/life schedule.

An AEP focuses on the biomechanics of an individual to design an appropriate program catering for their needs. The program can range from Pilates exercises, water based exercises to complex strength training activities to improve strength, range of motion and functional capacity. Perfect for rehabilitation following an injury or as a preventative strategy to reduce the risk of injuries.